1. Social Engagements and Catalysts for Conversation:

    Two sides of my folding poster which is based on a visit to Avonmouth. When I first went there I was able to get a good feel of the place by wondering around, taking photos and having conversations with the locals. From the conversations I discovered two issues that the locals had with Avonmouth. 1stly I noted it was a very quiet and almost desolate place with not very much happening other than the work at the docks (which I could not access). The locals described how lively and bustling the centre of Avonmouth used to be until the docs were sold off in 1991, they seem to miss the ‘old days’ and how it used to be. The 2nd issue that was raised was that of the influx of Polish people now living and working in Avonmouth. There seemed to be a real division between the two nationalities with English locals saying that the Polish locals don’t integrate themselves and there doesn’t seem to bee a good sense of community. I thought this was really interesting and decided look at both sides of the argument and base my poster on this- I want people to look at the poster and be aware that there is a divide and encourage them to do something about changing it. 

  2. RELAY WK 11: the final one!This is in response to Jack’s previous relay http://jackwaghorn.tumblr.com/image/82515034605

    The theme of American Diners made me think of big portions of lots of delicious, fattening and unhealthy food which in turn made me think of fast food chains and McDonald’s. I know it’s so cliché these days to use McDonald’s as the central theme but I couldn’t resist encouraging people to eat more sensibly through this notion. 

  3. Words in Motion Project: Mine and Harriet’s finished words in motion film. We used both sounds and music, and though it’s been long winded, we really enjoyed creating it and worked well as a pair (obviously)! Perhaps we haven’t conveyed our artist, John Baldessari as best as we could but we did try! It would be something we’d have to work on if we did it again. 

  4. RELAY WK10: my first ever rotoscope! Admittedly it’s a pretty poor attempt but it took so long and i’ve got so much else to be getting on with at the moment it will have to do. It’s a response to this: http://jackwaghorn.tumblr.com/post/81770026224/relay-week-9-whale-havin-a-swim-in-response

    the swimming whale took me to thinking of beaches, and fishing which in turn made me think of the fantastic Eric Cantona quote which he presented to journalists at a press conference, following that infamous kick. 

    (also haven’t quite worked out why it’s so small!)

  5. RELAY WK 9 - my response to this: http://jackwaghorn.tumblr.com/post/80384710294/relay-week-8-its-a-doughnut-pizza-of-course-in

    lyrics from a System of a Down song, done in the style of an american restaurant menu. Have to say i dont think it would be my pizza of choice, mine would be pepperoni, olives, basil and lots of spice.

  6. This is the cultural text I will be critically analysing for my visual culture essay. ‘Stupid Hoe’ by Nicki Minaj.

  7. Archive project finished document. We looked at the Wages for Housework campaign having visited the archives which turned out to be much more interesting than we though particularly as it has such a resonance with the present day- a female lawyer in Italian is campaigning for it as we speak! Unfortunately the risograph let us down with the colours/layout and pictures but we were happy with the final outcome of the project and are now much more knowledgable about feminism and the wages for housework campaign itself.

  8. Finished film for our Opening Scene brief. Actually really enjoyed working on this! 

  9. RELAY WK8: I wonder if the pond is thinking about what it would be like to have these kind of fish living in it. Silly pond.

    Response to http://jackwaghorn.tumblr.com/post/80357632700/relay-week-7-pond-having-a-ponder-i-went

  10. Notes from final visual culture today for help with essay. Still seems there’s a lot I need to do!

  11. RELAY WK 7: my response to this http://jackwaghorn.tumblr.com/ by my relay partner Jack. His photograph reminded me of a doughnut and so that is why i drew a birds eye view of a krispy kreme I bought. The colours of the caramel flavoured treat were very similar of that of Jacks image. I thought it was quite fun and I’ve missed drawing.

  12. More planning for my visual culture essay which I’m intending to start tomorrow! Wish me luck…

  13. RELAY WK 6: My response to Jack’s lovely picture http://jackwaghorn.tumblr.com/image/79048503024

    Jack didnt manage to get his response to me until the end of the week so I didnt have much time to do a reply, in turn I found it a very difficult relay to respond to so here is a GIF of me pondering what to do and seeing if nature and the sun will help me decide!

    Also uploading GIFs to Tumblr is NOT easy!

  14. murray44:

    Storyboards for Opening Scene brief

  15. Relay week 5: this is my response to Jack’s drawing of James Brown. http://jackwaghorn.tumblr.com/post/77741660120/relay-week-4-james-brown-ink-sketch-learn-to 

    Whenever I see images or footage of James Brown I am instantaneously taken back to my childhood when I used to play over and over again the scene from the Blue’s Brother’s where they are in the Gospel Church with James Brown. In the mist of all the amazing dancing and music, Jake sees the light. It’s worth watching the scene here, such a classic. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yv_E8eBbaOs

    My own photography used, taken at my family church in Sussex this weekend.